Complete Sprinkler Services

Colorado has a very dry climate, which means your lawn, plants, and trees need water from sprinkler systems. Our irrigation crew has over 40 years of combined experience in irrigation systems specifically. Whether you need installation, repairs, or simply a sprinkler activation or blowout, we will ensure that your lawn, plants, and trees stay happy and healthy by getting the water they need while making sure you are in compliance with local watering restrictions.

Irrigation Installation

Whether you are looking for an entire sprinkler system installation or just switching out your sprinkler heads, we have solutions for you. We work with all brands of sprinkler manufacturers such as Rachio, Hunter, Rainbird, and others. From a sprinkler clock to a drip system to a backflow, we will install a sprinkler system that waters your lawn and landscape thoroughly and efficiently while conserving precious water resources.

Sprinkler Repair

Accidents happen, freezing temperatures happen, and sometimes sprinkler systems leak, crack, or break. If your backflow is dripping, your sprinkler heads are leaking, or grass or plants just are not getting water, then you probably need a sprinkler repair. Don’t wait until the grass or plants are dead. Avoid the hassle of hand-watering your plants and schedule a repair for your sprinkler system.

Sprinkler Winterization

Due to the cooler climate of Colorado’s winters, irrigation systems require winterization in order to prevent the backflow from cracking and causing potentially severe water damage, not to mention an expensive water bill. Anytime the temperature drops below freezing for any length of time, we recommend turning off the irrigation system and draining your backflow to prevent the copper pipes from bursting. And once the winter temperatures arrive, we recommend draining your entire system and blowing out all lines to protect against damage. If you would like to do this yourself, check out our Sprinkler Blowout Tutorial video or follow these instructions.

Sprinkler Activation

Typically by Mother’s Day, we are in the clear for the colder weather days to be past and summer well on its way. We recommend waiting until Mother’s Day to activate your sprinkler system for the summer. While you can do this yourself, spring is a great time to have a sprinkler technician check out your system and ensure that everything is properly working to begin the summer season and to make sure your irrigation timer is set to comply with any local watering restrictions.

Additional Services


Rennovation and Installation

Do you have landscaping in need of a face lift? Or maybe you don’t have any landscaping installed? Our custom-design landscaping plans could be just the right solution to help you create your paradise.
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Water Feature

Maintenance. Repair. Installation.

Do you have a pond, waterfall, or small water feature? Or have you always dreamed of having one in your yard? Whether you need maintenance, repair, or installation, we have a wide variety of water feature services designed to meet your needs.
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Total Property Maintenance

We offer both a custom total property maintenance package tailored to fit your needs as well as à la carte maintenance options so you have less work and more time to enjoy the things you love.
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